Pentatonic Improvisation Package


The Pentatonic Improvisation Package by Geoff Hohwald is a downloadable course that will teach you how to incorporate pentatonic based licks into your banjo playing. These lessons will add a fresh sound to your playing and help you stand out in a jam session. We’ll start by learning the Pentatonic Scale itself and different places on the neck we can play it. Geoff will then teach you a wide variety of licks and how to use them in the context of a song. We’ll play along with New River Train, Think of What You’ve Done, Train 45, 9lb Hammer, John Hardy, Little Maggie, and a 12 Bar Blues. You can practice the along with 157 minutes of video instruction and additional audio backing tracks. This course also includes 48 pages of tab and instruction.

You will receive a .zip file with Quicktime videos, MP3 jam tracks, and PDFs of the tablature.

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