Clawhammer Lessons

Basic Clawhammer Lick is a free video lesson by Brad Laird that will teach you a beginner lick for clawhammer banjo. We’ll focus on the rhythm and right hand technique that underpins almost everything you will play in clawhammer style. Brad will show you how to play down strokes with the nail of your index or middle finger. You will also use your thumb to pluck the fifth string. Watch the video to get the tab for the lick and more discusson on playing position and technique.


Premium Lesssons


Beginning Clawhammer 1 by Brad Laird will teach you everything you need to know about playing clawhammer banjo. Clawhammer or “frailing” is an old-time Appalachian banjo style which predates the more common 3-finger Scruggs style. Experienced bluegrass players and beginners alike will enjoy learning the essential elements of playing the 5-string banjo in this interesting style. Click here to see more details and watch a demo video.


Beginning Clawhammer 2 by Brad Laird will introduce you to new tunings and songs for clawhammer banjo. These six lessons will increase your skills by learning G Modal tuning, Double C tuning and 11 new tunes. Tunes include Little Sadie, Shady Grove, Old Molly Hare, Cold Frosty Morn, Soldier’s Joy, Ol’ Groundhog and more! Click here to see more details and watch a sample video.

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