Easy Banjo Chords

Easy Banjo Chords is a free video lesson by Geoff Hohwald that will teach you how to play four beginner chords on the banjo. You will learn the G, C, D7, and Em chords. After teaching you each chord, Geoff will show you how to play them along with the songs Tom Dooley and Sittin’ On Top of the World. If you’ve never played a note on the banjo, this is the place to start! To learn even more chords, check out our Intro to Rhythm & Backup Book on Amazon.


Learn More About Banjo Rhythm

Intro to Banjo Rhythm & Backup by Geoff Hohwald will teach the beginning banjo player all about major and minor chord shapes and how to use them to play backup. Geoff will provide detailed instruction on right and left hand technique and then demonstrate each example along with a rhythm track. These are the core concepts that will allow you to participate in jams for songs you haven’t rehearsed before. This course contains 2.5 hours of video instruction. Start learning and start jamming with your friends.

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