Geoff Hohwald

geoff-portraitGeoff Hohwald began playing banjo in 1964 in Columbus, Ohio which was a “hot bed of bluegrass” at the time. While there Geoff studied banjo under John Hickman. He performed with many other great musicians there including Bill Monroe’s last two guitar players Tom Ewing and Wayne Lewis, Other Musicians that Geoff played with in the Columbus area were Red Allen, Sandy Rothman, Sid Campbell., Dave Evans , Frank Wakefield, Hylo Brown, Buddy Thomas, The Fields Brothers, Landon Messer, Earl Taylor and Brian Aldridge. Since coming to Atlanta Geoff has played with Bear Creek in Underground Atlanta, at the Alliance Theatre for the Robber Bridegroom, with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra, and is one of the founding members of the Greater Atlanta Bluegrass Band. Geoff is mostly known around the country for his banjo teaching materials which are sold world wide. He has been collecting vintage instruments for years and has owned or played all of the classic bluegrass instruments and has helped many musicians in the southeast area obtain classic instruments.

If you have a lesson request or other questions send Geoff an email at

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