Brad Laird

brad-laird2Brad Laird is the resident mandolin player with the bluegrass group, Pony Express, which he founded while in college in 1979. He played mandolin with the bluegrass group Cedar Hill for 26 years beginning in 1983. Other bands which Brad has performed with include The Incorrigible String Band, The Bluegrass All-Stars, The Slackey Family Band, Whoa Nelly, Super String Theory, The Rex Mill Ramblers and The Mosier Brothers Band.

He has recorded several albums, has been a mandolin, banjo, upright bass and guitar teacher since 1982 and is an alumni of the Atlanta Mandolin Society Orchestra in which he played mandola and mandocello. Brad has built several mandolins and a wall full of old-time fretless banjos over the years.

For Banjo Compass, Brad has written a series of beginner lessons for Clawhammer Banjo.  You can also find his mandolin courses available at Mandolin Compass.


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